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Mr Punch is sometimes accused of being politically incorrect and the odd council has tried to ban the show and even  a “Punch and Judy” children’s book…! But the British public has given Mr Punch overwhelming support and  prevented this from happening.

Mr Punch remains our National Puppet and his show has recently been voted as an English National Icon.


Nevertheless questions are still being asked and the following light-hearted answers  from the “Punch and Judy Fellowship” may help to put at rest any fears that you may have about watching a Punch and Judy show…!


How does Mr. Punch square with “Victorian Values”?!

Dickens had the answer “Street Punch is one of those extravagant relief's from the realities of life. I regard it as
 quite harmless and an outrageous joke”


Does Mr. Punch encourage violence? …

Mr. Punch no more encourages violence than Goldilocks encourages squatting.

What about the stick? …

Well the difference is that Mr. Punch’s stick is a slap stick. It’s specially constructed to make a slapping noise.
This led to the term “Slapstick Comedy”


Do you think its wife bashing? …

Judy is quite capable of giving as good as she gets …! and often does.. !


Should Mr. Punch be banned? …

Should you ban Shakespeare and the Bible…?


So what about the violence? …

It’s the way the show is performed. If you add the an element of comedy, which you should, together with the correct timing, this makes for a traditional entertaining show in the slapstick style, and that’s what children love … You are not going to stop going to the Pantomime are you .. ?


Do you think there is too much violence on TV? …

Responsible parents watch with and know what their children are watching and know where the off button is located…!


Does Mr. Punch always defy political correctness? …

Punch has always adapted to the times he lives in, but an important part of the show is that he defies and overcomes the frustrations people feel as represented by his opponents. He does this on behalf of his audience. 

Is Punch a children’s show or an adult one? …

We are all children at heart, a good show performed well has the power to entertain all …!  

Dpes Punch encourage people who are naturally violent? …

Banning Punch would be like banning wine gums because there are alcoholics in the world.

What if my child is frightened of Mr Punch?…

How old is your child? The ideal age is six. Some children are frightened of clowns, shadows on the wall, doctors, dentists and animals. Seriously, it could be the atmosphere of excitement or noise, I reccommend showing the child the puppets in repose and explain what is happening    

Why do you perform the Punch and Judy Show?..

How else would I be able to pay for a big house, six kids and the jag?! No seriously  to see the expressions on the children’s faces  and hear their shouts of laughter young and old is resound enough… and I enyoy performing the show of course… ! 


Lastly will Mr. Punch live on forever?… 

Yes  of course he will …!
Today Punch’s play lives on through a relatively small group of like minded “Professors” who have vowed to preserve and promote the show in all its forms. I am confident that Punch will continue to live on and provide entertainment for many generations to come.. !  


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