Some Interesting Links!

Here are a few interesting sites that you may like. Just click the bold header to launch the websites in a new window.

Punch and Judy Fellowship

The website of the Punch and Judy Fellowship. A Group of like minded professors who have dedicated themselves to preserving and promoting the traditional Punch and Judy Show in all its forms

Puppeteers UK

The website of puppetry activities throughout the UK. An Interesting and informative site

Marionettes in Venice

An interesting site giving details of traditional marionettes made in Venice …

History of the Circus
Look here if you would like a well documented history of the circus..

Seaside History

Seaside history with quite a few mentions of Seaside Punch and Judy shows…

National Piers Society

An interesting site supported by the National Piers Society

Black Country Living Museum

The website of the "Black Country Living Museum" based in Dudley in the West Midlands


The website of wvfour who designed and host this website. They offer Web Design, Hosting and more


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Have a look at these sites!