My Pictures continued!

I normally present a traditional Punch and Judy Show based on my father 'Eriko's' original script, with lots of active participation by the audience!

The show that I present is very traditional with all the main characters; Mr Punch, Judy, Joey, The Clown, The Policeman and of course, The Crocodile  I usually add and subtract scenes from the show depending on the audience and type of venue.

 Derek and Rosa

This is me again with my mother Rosa!

Rosa is also a "Punch and Judy Professor" and one of the few lady performers of the show.A tradition she has carried on for many years...!

We sometimes participate in joint shows together and this can greatly add to the quality of the show!!

I hope that the last few pictures will be of interest and may I assure you the performance will be of the very highest quality! Please contact me for full details!!